Some of the issues you may be experiencing:



Low self esteem
Depression or low mood
Anxiety & stress
Relationship issues

Self harm 



Here are some details about how the process works

Each session lasts an hour and is on a one to one basis. 


I would suggest a phone call initially to make sure the form of counselling I offer is what you are looking for. At the moment I offer counselling via Zoom.

If after the phone call you would like to take it further we will agree a contract, explaining confidentiality details, cancellation policy and payment.  This does not tie you into a specific number of sessions and you can decide at any time not to take it further.

For you to have a positive experience we need to be able to work together effectively, trust is extremely important. if for any reason we feel you need to access a different service I am happy to sign post you in the right direction.

If you have any questions please contact me HERE